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2003-2009 GMC-CHEVROLET 4500,5500,7500,8500 SEAT BACKREST UPHOLSTERY

2003-2009 GMC-CHEVROLET 4500,5500,7500,8500 SEAT BACKREST UPHOLSTERY

"Paying more upfront for an item that lasts longer makes financial sense."                                                                            There are different grades of vinyl, leather, foam and thread.                                                                       And a big difference in customer service.                                                                                                                Our Priority is to provide the highest quality product and customer service.

Fits Vehicles:
Make:           CHEVROLET, GMC
Model:          C-Series KODIAK-TOPKICK
Year:             2003-2009

Material:                        Vinyl
Available Colors:          Very Dark Gray (almost black) 
Vehicle Placement:      Driver / Passenger  Backrest
Seat Cover Type:           OEM Replacement


This item is a factory replacement seat cover built according to factory specifications with high quality materials. Material used on the seating surface is high quality vinyl sewn on ½ inch foam for comfort complimented with exact match vinyl material on the sides laminated on ¼ inch foam. Exactly the same as your existing original cover. Guaranteed to fit perfectly on your seat foam pad. Foam pad and frame are not included. All order comes with easy installation instructions. Material sample available upon request.

Product Features:

We understand you demand quality, that is why all our OEM replacement seat covers are manufactured with high quality materials. All seat covers are sewn using premium UV protected polyester thread. We use double/twin needle machine for seams that require french stitching for a better product result and durability. Every product is inspected for craftsmanship after the manufacturing process thus ensuring every customer will receive a high quality product.

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